Thanks Public House and Brute Heart


Through the whiskey glass stage


Saturday night was amazing thanks to all you lovely people who came out to join us.  Also thanks to Brute Heart, DJ Andy Noble and DJ Spero Lo Menzo.  Also thanks to whiskey and the people who served it to us.

We are taking a break from shows for a couple months to finish up our album and work on new songs and new arrangements.  Keep in touch with us on the facebook and the twitter and the instagram and right here.  More news soon.


Sonic Diet says

Words from Cal Roach:
“Another place-to-be for Saturday night is Riverwest Public House, where you could catch some Altos moonlighting as Hello Death. This band’s forthcoming debut album is certainly one of the most anticipated local releases of the year, but you can check out the first video, for “Good Luck,” here if you need a preview. This is another group for whom you could say folk is the root, but the conventional connotations for that term don’t begin to describe the music. It actually should make for a perfect pairing with Minneapolis’s Brute Heart, whose music is similarly subtle, eclectic and haunting. Check out the band’s new album, Brute Heart’s Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, on Bandcamp. Also performing: DJ Andy Noble and DJ Spero Lo Menzo”

Saturday, March 23rd

ImageHello Death is pleased to announce our upcoming show with Brute Heart at one of my favorite bars, The Riverwest Public House.  Brute Heart is a trio from Minneapolis.  They are described as “curious, arty Minneapolis postpunk-via-folk trio”, but as with most descriptions it’s an oversimplification of their music which has cinematic qualities as it maneuvers between vocal folk pop, ethereal chamber and beautiful rhythm driven pieces that sound like incantations.

We kept just two bands on this bill so we can play some longer sets and have a little more freedom with the stage, but we have special guest DJ’s:
Andy Noble & Spero Lo Menzo to keep the music flowing.

In the mean time, Marielle Allschwang will be hosting an open microphone at Tonic on March 10th.  It’ll be right after The Palace Bake Sale, so there will be sugar galore and some amazing music from Hello Death members and many more.



Hello Death