big salty tears

This is a big week for Hello Death.  Here is why.

Thursday, 500 records are scheduled to arrive in Milwaukee from the pressing plant in the Czech Republic.  That evening at 4pm we’ll play live on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee for 414 Music.  Later that evening at 10pm the film Heavy Hands (Dir. Sean Williamson) which features two Hello Death songs from our debut album will screen at Bryant Lake Bowl in Mpls.  

Friday evening we play a set at ACME Records with our friends Dryhouse Ruins.  This will be the first time our vinyl is available to the public and we will probably cry from the emotional release of having worked so hard and waited so long.

Saturday, more crying as we warm up the stage for our friends Volcano Choir at the Pabst Theater.  These will be tears of joy.

Thanks for all the love and support,

Hello Death



photo credit:  Erik Ljung

Our full length self titled debut now available

We now have our album available on compact disc and digital download.  It was recorded mainly at April Base in Fall Creek, Wisconsin in the early spring of 2012.  It was an emotional affair putting to record songs we had been crafting for many months, songs that saw new light and new ideas as we were immersed in the process.  We shook out some dirty rugs.  We drank and ate for a village.  There were tears and some shaky hands, but mostly we were focused.  I believe we captured some of our own sadness, weariness, clarity, and triumph.

I hope you enjoy our effort.  I’m most thankful and indebted to all the great people who helped work on this album, and to all the people supporting us by coming to our shows and listening to our music.  We have many more songs to share.  Hopefully we’ll have vinyl available for our show at the Pabst Theater on September 28th, opening for our friends Volcano Choir.



Hello Death

Hello Death cold and love

Trying to stay warm on a cold spring day

photo by Erik Ljung Photography

Thanks Public House and Brute Heart


Through the whiskey glass stage


Saturday night was amazing thanks to all you lovely people who came out to join us.  Also thanks to Brute Heart, DJ Andy Noble and DJ Spero Lo Menzo.  Also thanks to whiskey and the people who served it to us.

We are taking a break from shows for a couple months to finish up our album and work on new songs and new arrangements.  Keep in touch with us on the facebook and the twitter and the instagram and right here.  More news soon.