Hello Death is a folk group from Milwaukee, WI.  Their unique music is dark and sweet.  Deliberate execution of strong song writing and challenging harmonies make for a symphonic quality voiced with roots instrumentation and a minimalist approach.

Milwaukee Record writes, “Moody folk outfit Hello Death excels at sparse, haunting music that works its way into your bones like a winter chill. Made up of members of Altos (Marielle Allschwang, Nathaniel Heuer, Shawn Stephany, Erin Wolf), the group doesn’t so much perform folk music as suggest it; Allschwang’s gorgeously airy alto, Heuer’s Nick Cave-esque baritone, and the group’s stripped-down instrumentation combine to form a sound that seems to pre-date music itself.”

Number one on, “Hello Death released its long-awaited debut album hello death on June 14. It’s littered with dark, beautiful vocal harmonies and keen instrumentation. It’s sure to appear on countless “Best Of” lists in town come December.”  Included in’s list of top 13 albums of 2013.

Hello Death has performed with Volcano Choir to a sold-out audience at the Pabst Theatre, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, Dark Dark Dark, Christopher Porterfield.  In 2013 they released their self-titled debut album on vinyl, Cd and for digital download.  Hello Death was recorded and engineered by Jaime Hansen and produced by Daniel Spack and Nathaniel Heuer at April Base.  Watch our “Tie me up” video to capture some of the experience.

Hello Death’s songs, “Good Luck” and “The Coming Tide” are featured in the soundtrack for the film Heavy Hands.  Watch the “Good Luck”  trailer.

Hello Death is:  Marielle Allschwang: Voice, guitar, violin.  Nathaniel Heuer:  Voice, bass, guitar, percussion.  Shawn Stephany:  Guitar, lap steel.  Erin Wolf:  Voice, piano, accordion, percussion.

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