Hello Death Returns

We’ve been extremely quiet over the last couple of years. Watching the world implode and contract is a lesson in patience and reevaluation. We shut it down for the safety of those we love, and found out what it was like to break up, unexpectedly, through no fault of our own, without decision, just quiet and inaction. Then a hum, keeping in touch through computer screens, and back yard fires, and eventually back to the practice space. The studio that had been so empty, and starting to seem a place of solitude, was filled again with many voices in one room, and it was wonderful.

Show Announcement:

Fri, Nov 11, 2022, 8:00 PM CST

We Are The Willows + Hello Death + Ellie Jackson

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.
224 W Bruce St., Milwaukee, WI 53204

$12 adv/ $15 at the door


Hello Death album release “For Those With Many Hearts”



Hello Death are pleased to announce the release of their third full Length album, “For Those With Many Hearts”. Recorded over a cold rainy weekend, in a barn called Speckled Chemistry Studios, the songs look alternately down from a mountain and up from a hole to explore themes of time, love, decay, growth, memory, and resolve. “Moody folk outfit Hello Death excels at sparse, haunting music that works it’s way into your bones like a winter chill…the group doesn’t so much perform folk music as suggest it; Allschwang’s gorgeously airy alto, Heuer’s Nick Cave-esque baritone, and the group’s stripped down instrumentation combine to form a sound that seems to pre-date music itself”. -Milwaukee Record

Hello Death members Marielle Allschwang, Nathaniel Heuer, Shawn Stephany, and Erin Wolf have been contributing to Milwaukee culture for over a decade with various musical groups, as solo artists, curators, and by sharing stages with touring bands Volcano Choir, Nathaniel Rateliff, Christopher Paul Stelling, Dark Dark Dark, Jozef Van Wissem, Christopher Porterfield and many more.

Testimony From a Tin House

The police are executing people in our streets.  The police are murdering Black and Brown people in front of us and are blaming the victims.  The media is largely enforcing false narratives.  Let’s face the facts.  This is not an undercurrent of a race war.  The talk of war is rhetoric that enables capitalists to control our fears and continue to profit from our bodies.  Even the police should have picked up on the fact that they are only protecting profiteers.  The real narrative is that the majority of people are sick and tired of the racist, classist, and sexist system.

It’s time for us to breathe deeply and see, for what it is, what we have become:  suspicious, selfish, and callous.  It’s time for us to breathe deeply and see what we can be.  Most of us only get to move through this world once.  Decide who you will be.  Be ready to bear witness and to testify against injustice.  It’s a very small burden for those of us with lighter skin.

In April 2014 Dontre Hamilton was murdered by police officer Christopher Manney in Red Arrow Park, in downtown Milwaukee.  He was frisked against protocol and threatened with the officer’s baton before being shot 14 times.  No criminal charges have been brought against Manney, though he was fired from the force in October of that year for instigating the conflict.

I wrote Tin House to help process my feelings of disgust and anger at our nation’s continued institutional racism, to help process my white guilt, to help process my sadness and denial, and to try to understand what it would feel like to be constantly put-upon by the false notions of strangers.  We now live in a tin house.  Each single drop echoes.  They are recorded and played back again and again.  History will no longer be written by the oppressors.  We all hear the rain in Sanford, Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Ferguson, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Oakland…every city in the USA.   And still it continues.

In January of 2016 the Dakota Access Pipeline was approved despite the lack of any thorough environmental assessment.  The proposed oil pipeline would cross the Missouri River less than one mile from the Standing Rock Reservation, risking contamination to the immediate area and to the millions of people who rely on its water.  In April the Sacred Stone Camp was established to protect the water.  Since that time, the movement to protect the water has grown.  Militarized police have reacted to peaceful prayer and protest with the use of rubber bullets, mace, water cannons, and concussion grenades.  They chose to aggressively push aside the rights of our fellow citizens in order to push the agenda of a private corporation acting illegally on land that rightfully belongs to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

On January 20, 2017, a racist, sexist, narcissistic, and self-serving coward will become the President of the United States of America. Of the total U.S. population, 82% of Americans did not vote for him. My hope is that these tragedies will serve to galvanize this vast majority of people who understand that to seek a better life means seeking a better life for all.

Tin house

This is not the house I built.
This is not my home.
These strangers used to hold regard for those that toiled alone.
Look me in the eye and pray I keep this in my head.

Now whispers tell me one by one how blatantly they lie,
that men were made for greatness and that eyes were meant for eyes
Let the guard down, you fools are paranoid.
You’ll get what you deserve.
Fear will shake a hostile heart, you’ll get what you deserve.
Look me in the eye and pray I keep this in my head.

The rows are plowed, but they are paved so death will wash away
On foot we walk to raise the graves where future seeds may lay.

This is small gesture, but please accept this song as a gift, and consider donating to the following organizations:




At the least, I hope this song can provide some time for quiet contemplation, at best, a way to help process the wrongs and call for a better tomorrow.


Nathaniel Heuer

Hello Death


On the horizon 

Hello Death has a few shows coming up and we’d love to see your face;

> November 3, Milwaukee, Turner Hall, w/ The Staves

> November 17, Madison, Williamson Magnetic, w/ Oedipus Tex & In The Rushes.

> November 18, Eau Claire, House Show, w/ The Ronald Raygun.

> November 19, Mpls, The Hook and Ladder, w/ Teague Alexy, Mike Gunther, & Peter Miller.

> November 22, Milwaukee, Turner Hall, Colors and Chords fundraiser.

> December 16, Milwaukee, Cactus Club, w/ King Dude.

Here’s how we spent our Sunday,

Us and Patti Smith.

We are honored to join an amazing cross-section of Milwaukee musicians to pay homage to one of rock’s greats for Smith Uncovered. A re-interpretation of the songs of Patti Smith at Alverno College Pitman Theatre, curated by the ever talented Betty Blexrud-Strigens.
It’s been difficult to take Patti Smith out of her songs. They have such immense heartbeats, and are so unique to her, that we risked killing the patient on the table. As we rehearsed, we were humbled again and again, trying to know what each song means to us, and sounds like with us as vehicles.
It struck me at one point that Smith, unlike other rockers, is in part amazing because the type of destruction she brings is always a seed. She’s a tree root cracking the sidewalk or a forest fire. She never seems snide or exclusive when she points her finger at authority to try to figure out where to go next.
With this in mind, I think we’ve finally reached a point where our voices are the ones speaking and Patti Smith is the inspiration and the guide. I believe this will be true for the audience as well and I hope you can join us.
– Nathaniel