Hello Death photo shoot


Though the snow looks light and fake like PVC shavings or soap suds, today finally looks like winter.   Three weeks prior, on January 12, we were standing outside in the Seminary woods, just minutes after dawn feeling the temperature slowly dropping from the fifties.  All the snow had melted, the heartier plants were still green below a blanket of fallen leaves, and some of the trees had been tempted to bud.

Margaret Muza got us all dolled up and we met Photographer Erik Ljung and assistant Ben Wick on site.  The shoot had been planned only days before when we saw a temperature spike in the forecast.  We were all quite sleepy, having been kept up late for various reasons.

It was cold, despite being balmy for January, and I had a moment of respect for models that dissipated quickly when I thought about it.

But the sun shone strong and a lovely day emerged as we laughed and shivered and tried to keep each other warm with hot coffee and desperate hugs.  A big thank you goes out to Erik, Margaret, Ben, and the grand swathe of beige, naked trees, dead leaves, icy waters, and electric green moss that provided a serene backdrop for our frozen brains and glazed eyes.

More photos are forthcoming.



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